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La Chinata Repairing Hair Serum

La Chinata
La Chinata Natural Edition Repairing Hair Serum has ultra-moisturizing properties that come from its formula based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil and wheat germ oil. It is also enriched with jojoba oil that restores all the luminosity to the hair, leaving a soft and shiny appearance. It also has the qualities of the Inchi nut, a natural ingredient that...
La La Chinata Anti-Aging Hand Cream SPF 8 is formulated with thermal waters, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and olive leaf extract, which help protect the skin from external factors. In addition, it maintains the entire structure of the dermis, thus allowing better regeneration and therefore greater firmness. It also contains active ingredients that repair and...

La Chinata Intensive Regenerating Cream

La Chinata
La La Chinata Natural Edition Intensive Regenerating Cream acts as a powerful moisturizer that softens and regenerates the skin, given its high content of aloe vera and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In addition to these two natural assets, it also contains beeswax, argan oil, rosehip oil, millet seed extract and olive extract.

La Chinata Body Butter Olive, Shea and Cherry

La Chinata
La Chinata Olive, Shea and Cherry Body butter is a true hydration cure. It is composed of a non-greasy and fast-absorbing formula, which leaves a silky smooth skin and a pleasant cherry aroma. They provide a soothing and softening action on the skin, which makes this body butter ideal for sensitive or red skin.
La Chinata Natural Edition Dermopurifying Eye Make-up Remover is made with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, olive leaf extract and thermal waters, and has antioxidant, regenerating and softening properties. Thanks to its active dermo-purifying ingredients, the deep cleaning of the eyelids is carried out with the utmost gentleness, respecting the delicate...

La Chinata CC Cream SPF25

La Chinata
It is a face cream with protection factor 25 made with powerful moisturizing and antioxidant actives that provide a natural coverage that covers all imperfections. In addition to Extra Virgin Olive Oil and its derivatives, it contains Vitamin C, resveratrol and other long-lasting moisturizing active ingredients.

La Chinata Antiox Regenerating Serum

La Chinata
The La Chinata Antioxidant Regenerating Facial Serum has a high concentration of antioxidant active ingredients for the skin and thanks to its fast-absorbing, soft and light texture, it penetrates the deepest layers of the skin, leaving a velvety appearance. Its content in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, argan oil, resveratrol and olive extract, make this facial...
La La Chinata Natural Edition Pure Clays Facial Mask is the perfect solution to deeply eliminate the impurities that our skin accumulates every day thanks to its combination of concentrated pure clays, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Quillaya, a natural extract with sebum-regulating properties and purifying. The result is a hydrated, luminous skin,...

La Chinata Miniature Cosmetic Case

La Chinata
The La Chinata Miniature Cosmetic Case has an excellent selection of products from the classic line to care for skin and hair. The formula of these four products have great moisturizing power and the results will be clean and silky skin free from irritations and redness, as well as shiny and healthy hair. This kit contains: Bath Gel 60 ml. Moisturizing...

La Chinata Foot and Elbow Cream

La Chinata
La La Chinata extra virgin olive oil foot and elbow cream is made with a formula that combines extra virgin olive oil, rosehip, urea, keratin and vegetable glycerin, which in addition to providing deep hydration, has a restorative effect in the driest and most cracked areas thanks to the essential fatty acids, vitamin C and its retinoic acid content from...
La Chinata Honey Bath Gel is indicated for all skin types, both sensitive and normal, and its formula is based on components that soften, hydrate and cleanse the skin. It has a combination of surfactants that make the skin clean without suffering any type of damage or irritation. It is also anti-inflammatory, which makes it ideal for sensitive and...

La Chinata Pack 4 Artisan Soaps

La Chinata
This pack contains: -Tonic Grapefruit and Lemon Artisan Soap (orange) that repairs, softens and tones the skin, restoring its elasticity. -Handmade Lemongrass and Sage La Chinata , repairs and protects the skin, with antiseptic and antibacterial qualities, ideal for acneic skin (green in color). -Artisan Antioxidant Grape and Rosemary Soap (purple in...

La Chinata Eye Contour

La Chinata
The La Chinata Eye Contour moisturizes and refreshes, in addition to providing a large amount of anti-wrinkle active ingredients to the delicate area around the eyes. Thanks to its combination of active ingredients, they achieve that the treated area releases the accumulated tension and a softer, smoother skin is obtained, free of imperfections.
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